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200mg psilocybin


Dont let the label intimidate you, Third Eye Nootropics packs 200mg of Golden Teacher magic mushrooms into each capsule. Microdosing with a capsule of pure psilocybin is an incredible natural way to combat anxiety and depression while boosting your energy, creativity and focus.

Each capsule contains 200mg of psilocybin (30 capsules total)

Recommended dosing: Take one capsule every third day (taking at night may interfere with sleep)



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Benefits of Microdosing Psilocybin

Data from the Harm Reduction Journal (

Improved Mood (26.6%) – Peacefulness, overall well-being, calmness, happiness, and a reduction in the symptoms of depression. Also includes more emotional connection, a general sense of optimism, and an improved outlook on life.

Improved Focus (14.8%) – Covers skill sets like the ability to focus or concentrate, and enhanced self-awareness.

Creativity (12.9%) – Aside from a general sense of improved creativity, this also includes behaviors such as being more open, enhanced curiosity, ability to shift perspectives, and divergent thinking.

Self-Efficacy (11.3%) – This applies to such behaviors as ambition, self-motivation, self-confidence, and a sense of agency. It also relates to improved mental health, including increased introspection, the practice of meditation, and other aspects behaviors tied to self-care.

Improved Energy (10.5%) – In this case, “energy” refers to things like mental stimulation, wakefulness, and alertness.

Social Benefits (7.6%) – Outside of more engagement with others, this category also includes more empathy, greater sense of connection, and more extroversion.

Cognitive Benefits (5.8%) – When microdosing, user experience heightened mental clarity, better memory recall, and an improvement in problem-solving ability.

Reduced Anxiety (4.2%) – This applies to a reduction in both general and social anxiety.

Physiological Enhancement (3.0%) – Includes enhanced visual acuity, cardio endurance, reduction of migraines and headaches, and higher quality of sleep.