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King Congo


SKU: king-congo

Grade: AAAA
Type: Sativa


Spain’s Tropical Seeds company aren’t afraid to tackle the difficult pure sativa strains; in fact, they revel in the challenge. This pure variety is a combination of Ciskei P3 and Congo Point Noire genetics, and though that list may read as gobbledegook for some tokers, connoisseurs will know that this strain has great genes and is always going to be something special.

It’s not easy to get a pure sativa strain that’s suitable for indoor growth, but King Congo is one of those rare strains that’s happy in a grow room despite its genetic heritage. King Congo has a smoke that smells of lemon and lime, with a sweet undertone and an earthy aftertaste. A very fun, creative, and active high, this is a perfect wake ‘n bake strain that will make your workday go with a bang and keep you up all night, too.

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